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Project Description
NetGuest gives you an easy-to-setup way of allowing your users to post comments on your website.
Developed in Visual Basic, it gives you full control (via a simple, and complete admin backend) user comments.

This is my very first .NET app, so there's definitely room for improvement.
NetGuest installs itself. All you have to do is put it on your website and run the Default.aspx page. It uses a SQL Server database for the data source and should be easily integrated with any website design.

NOTE: Because NetGuest installs it's own data source, dbcreator access to SQL Server's master database is required. Also, NetGuest tries to access this database by using the username sa and password sa. If this is incorrect, or you are able to create databases on SQL Server, please replace these values with your login details (see the text file attached)

Any feedback on my first application will be greatly appreciated. Obviously I'm working on fixing a few issues (such as the one detailed above).

Look out for v1.2 !!!

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